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Something about us from a little bit of different perspective

The FAHDAN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS was established in the year of 2008 under the commercial name as FAHDAN Construction and the sponsorship holding our respectable Mr. Mohamed Abdullah Abdullah Altaibi. This is our initial entry in Bahrain global. The chamber grooming members include more than seven people with full dedication and ethics. We started to flay in allover the Bahrain through the different category of service.

We got the first clear footprint in the construction field with hundred percent customers’ applause. After Our flags stranded in front of Business Set up services, Property Construction, Documents clearance & Tamkeen Services. Later a period of time we shy in with our own feather name as “FAHDAN BUSINESS SOLUTIONS”. Under this standard we offer all the helps of new entrepreneur or existing enterprise in the field of company formation, Business consultation, property construction, infrastructure creation and machinery etc…..

placeholder VISION

Our vision is to be one of the most customer centric company in world and to increase business ventures by providing our service.

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Our purpose is to provide the facility for the individuals and corporates to create/manage the business and Realestate opportunities. For this we give the full package of tangible and intangible services with approval of legal authorities. We build value for our customers through the strength of our customers' satisfaction and by consistently providing service operating results.


  • Profitability: we focused to increase our profit ratio through ethical work flow management with limited expense .we need to run a profitable operation at the percent of 10 to 20 at every year.
  • Market Lions: Focus to wear the leader lion cap in market with full customers strength by top ranking scale of service.
  • Innovation: By the changing of Government rule ,the service need to innovate with the help of our arbitrator and R&D guidelines.
  • Customer Service: “Customer is the king”- we give the full privilege to customer for the valuable satisfaction replay. Our existence with the holding of customer hand by empathically approach. Here a group of teams give support for them include Guide lining, and Grievance also.
  • Public Responsibility: We responsible for corporate governance and obey the full rules and regulation of authorities.
  • Growth & Efficiency: The networking of customer increasing day to day through improving the efficiency of service .we touch with arms at world wide
  • Employee Prospects: Keep friendly relation between employer and employees for better running and avoiding the crime inside the organization by holding of ethnicity and empathy.