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Business Set Up


If you are a startup, small or medium sized enterprise, you can benefit by engaging us in any or all of the following areas. The beauty is that we associate ourselves closely with you to ensure the strategies are executed with finesse to deliver results. Powered by passion, our approach is simple! Understand the requirements, expectations, of clients, and walk that extra distance to deliver the promise. With an extensive network of trusted contacts and consultants, we can take care of any or all of your operational aspects in right from.

We do Business start up services like company formation, Trade name registration, Infrastructure setup, Tamkeen application, Amendment of MOA, business sales & purchase, investment agreement, civil work agreement, contract for sale of shares, adding or removing activity etc. As a startup accelerator we have a deep understanding multinational cultures, values, and expectations. We ensure that your journey into Bahrain is well taken care of.

  • Company Formation
    We give all company formation advices and those WLL/SPC Registration, document clearance services to clients. Our aim is to help our clients enhance value by mitigating risks to an acceptable level, and also ensuring that the control framework that is deployed is cost effective and efficient in terms of operational results.
  • Trade Name Registration
    We give all guidelines for setting up a business trade name/ Mark in Bahrain.
  • Infrastructure Set up
    Infrastructure is the back bone of any company without this we can’t run any business smoothly. Further, the speed, efficiency and productivity of the team and of operations is also largely dependent on the infrastructure you have. Infrastructure management, we believe, is not a one-time exercise but is a continuous process, running when your business needs to run .
    Infrastructure management is also closely related to the size of your company. Many companies rely very heavily on the infrastructure for their daily business operations, making infrastructure management and maintenance very critical. Fahdan Business center offers you any type of Infrastructure settlement near to you.
  • Commercial Property Consultation
    Property used in such a manner as to make money. From renting spaces for flea market; to building a office building to run your business out of. Commercial property includes office buildings, industrial property, medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, farm land, multifamily housing buildings, warehouses, and garages. In many states, residential property containing more than a certain number of units qualifies as commercial property.
  • Tamkeen Application
    Tamkeen is a semi-government organization in Bahrain established in 2006, as part of the country’s national reform initiatives, with the task of making the private sector as the key driver of sustainable economic development.
    Tamkeen schemes helps business to achieve its goals by providing them grants for business needs. Both existing and under formation companies can apply. We FAHDAN Business center can assist you to the following Tamkeen schemes
    • Integrity& Transparency
    • Inspiring
    • Equal Opportunities
    • Knowledge Sharing
    • Quality Improvement and Certifications
    • Branding
  • Amendment of MOA
    If you want to Change in your WLL/SPC CR like details of the Shareholders, The New activity adding in your CR, adding a branch in your CR etc. A company should amend its Articles in the event that they contradict this requirement. We are doing all Amendment of memorandum of Association related works.
  • Business Sales & Purchase
    We are doing all type of Business sales & purchase duties. If you want to sale your business we are doing all the duties like advertising, consulting the buyers, sale agreement making etc. if you want to buy a business then also we are helping you to find out a good business and doing all its document clearance works too.
  • Management Agreements
    We are doing all type of Agreement works like investment agreement, civil work agreement, contracts for sale of shares, local service agent agreement etc.