About Us

“Medical Tourism, Focusing more on a better You”

Med Globe located in the beautiful city of Bahrain Manama, is a unique idea of bringing an easy access to high quality medical treatment around the world. We will assist any type of patients with any medical background and need overseas MEDGLOBE was created to help and hand hold patients at every step of their journey by providing most accurate medical solution avail in sector and safely send back to their home with full satisfaction.

Selecting world’s best hospitals we will organize all aspects of trip for treatment including finding the right experts, medical coordination through booking patient appointment, traveler’s visa & tickets, travel approval, accommodation & much more.

Your Health & Your Happiness is our Priority


Our clear vision is to break down the boundaries of healthcare & provide world class quality medical treatment with hassle free travel & healthy return at competitive rates, having the goal that every single person can successfully meet their medicinal treatment.


Our mission is to be provide access to affordable world class medical facilities and serve medical tourists and guests the way they will not feel away from their home

We do our best to remove confusion, anxiety and surprise from the process of planning & making a health care trip by meeting our client’s expectations of finding the best healthcare solution for them

Our Services

We will be with you from the moment you contact us

-Selection of the perfect hospital through analysis of your medical records
- Receiving medical reports & Providing alternate medical plans
-Detailed information about the specialist physician, the suggested treatment, prices and length of stay.
- Arranging Telephonic consultation with doctors
Arrangement of accompanying medical personnel during travel (on request)
Provide us with the necessary documents and we will take care of the rest.
- Organization of travel, medical appointments, accommodation and local transportation
- Special food requirements/religious needs
We are with you every step of the way from arrival to transfer of healthcare & will provide special patient care and emergency transportation.
Translation of all your medical and legal documents can be provided by our Arabic/English speaking team members Tour Guide
With a selection of cars to choose from we offer point to point transfers or chauffeured driven cars at your own disposal.
Choose from our recommended hotels that suit your needs
Our world travel specialist will select for you the most reasonable airline and airfare to your city of choice.
Leisure Trips with guide and support
Wellness and rejuvenation services
Arrangement of all type of Travel & medical Insurance
Assistance in the recovery period & Support in next follows up trip (If required) Consultation with the treating doctor and recommendation the best plan for a healthy life
Easy payments at our offices and detailed reports on all costs.


  • By planning each step, we remove uncertainty from your trip. Med-Globe tailors medical tourism packages to your needs.
  • Optional direct pre-trip consultation with the physician & Personalized Services
  • Help with tourism-related activities, if desired
  • Our relationship with established facilities allows us to provide cost-effective services.
  • We will help you to stay in touch with friends and family.
  • Huge Saving |No wait time |All inclusive Packages

Why Med-Globe?

  • Med globe supports borderless medicine and patient empowerment. Our service is specially-tailored and geared to satisfy this need.
    Our passion, our work is driven by our desire to break down the boundaries of healthcare.
  • Boundaries to good and safe medical care are not just geographical, but can also be financial, political, and syndicated
  • A patient should have the freedom to choose where he/she feels she may get the best value for safe treatment,
    whether it is across state lines or across national borders.
  • A patient should have access to the best surgeons in the world without being constrained by travel regulations
  • A patient should have the right to access the latest innovations in medical science
  • A patient should be asked to pay a fair price for the medical care he/she receives
  • You will enjoy absolute peace of mind while undergoing treatment/surgery.
"Facilitating Advanced Overseas Medical Treatment At Affordable Costs."